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Everything You Need to Know About Mineral Makeup

Everything You Need to Know About Mineral Makeup

Finding the right foundation is like finding the perfect pair of jeans. Once you meet, it becomes a long-time trusted companion. And since most of us wear some sort of makeup base daily, it’s probably a very good idea to wear something that delivers a host of skin benefits and that also lasts the distance in terms of colour and staying power.

Origani Mineral Makeup

The fascination with mineral based cosmetics has been through peaks and troughs in the last decade.

This is probably due to a massive market influx of different formulations and sometimes misleading promises.

But for those of us that use pure (true) mineral foundation, we know this: that using a quality mineral formulation regularly is fabulous for your skin and it’s hard to beat for a flawless complexion.

So, what does ‘flawless skin’ really mean? It means that ‘fresh-faced’ look, not too dewy or too matte, but more of a satin/radiant barely-there finish. Yes, yes, yes to all of it please.

Why do you need to know about mineral makeup?

Promisingly, the recent research suggests, mineral make up is back once again in a positive spotlight, leading the way in terms of dominating global beauty trends and personal usage. It seems that seeking healthier alternatives to cosmetic use is a force simply too big to ignore.

So, if you are contemplating making the switch (which is a really good idea), understanding what mineral makeup actually is and how it is better for you, will make the change all the more worth it.

While we are so used to talking about all of the ‘good stuff’ that you should find in good quality cosmetics, this is a very different conversation. We are actually going to be talking about a product being good for you because of what’s NOT in it.

Harvested from the earth, mineral makeup is free from oils, waxes, preservatives, synthetic fragrances, dyes, talc and bulking agents. These excluded ingredients have a reputation for being potentially irritating, pore clogging and unbreathable.

Mineral makeup is essentially only made from earth minerals such as iron oxides, zinc oxide, mica, and titanium dioxide that are micronized, or ground and milled, into tiny particles to create biocompatible complexion products.

The 8 reasons to make the switch to mineral makeup:

1. It is super comfortable to use, and feels like you are wearing nothing at all: It’s truly weightless.
2. Coming purely from the earth, its vegan and cruelty free.
3. It’s great for problematic skin like acne. Good mineral formulas are non-comedogenic (free from ingredients that block the pores). Additionally, they work to prevent future congestion and breakouts as mineral powder does not contain moisture, meaning bacteria cannot grow.
4. Its customisable – mineral powder is build-able and adjustable giving you the coverage you desire.
5. It’s perfect for uneven skin tones as micro pigments cover flawlessly for natural looking skin.
6. Your foundation stays fresh and true throughout the whole day. Pure mineral makeup binds to oils not water, giving the makeup a natural water resistance and great staying power. A fantastic choice for humid and warm climates and when exercising.
7. While it’s true that some traditional foundation powders are unflattering on an ageing skin, mineral powder is a hero for mature complexions. Minerals interact with light bouncing it off the skin to create a soft-focus effect and healthy glow. A good quality powder also won’t sink into lines and wrinkles.
8. It’s a great foundation alternative for fragile skin (rosacea, sensitivity, allergic and injured skin due to intense facial treatments etc.). Zinc and titanium dioxide have excellent soothing anti-inflammatory properties, rapidly reducing skin redness. Also, the nutrients from the minerals and the protective barrier it creates on the skin’s surface, works wonders for healing and rejuvenation.

Being introduced to mineral cosmetics about 10 years ago, I will admit that I was a sceptic: being a drier skin type and committed user of traditional liquid foundations, it was a hard habit to beak.

But like so many others, I was becoming more aware of what I was putting on my skin- we wear makeup all day long – that’s a long time! It also helped that the first time I used a mineral makeup, I was getting a lot of compliments on my skin even after a long-haul flight!

I also had get over the barrier of the more-timely application process. But realising that extra minute in the morning was worth it, it is now simply not an option to ever go back to using conventional foundation.

Tips for when buying one:

1. Go premium quality - many companies claim their products are “mineral based,” but this doesn’t guarantee it’s free of nasty unnecessary ingredients. Read your labels thoroughly.
2. Opt for a powder option, they are less likely to contain artificial ingredients.
3. Choose a shade that is true to your natural skin colour depth (i.e. light, medium or dark). Opting for a darker shade in a mineral formula is a No No.
4. When unsure of the right tone, go neutral (perfect balance of cool and warm pigments) (Origani no 2).
5. Invest in a good synthetic kabuki/foundation brush - they work best with mineral powder.

There will always be critics and fans behind any beauty phenomenon. Much of the criticism comes from not understanding a product and how to use it correctly. Not applying a mineral powder properly can make it look cakey and uneven, so correct application is essential to getting a flawless finish.

Coverage and application:

Prepare skin: like all great products your makeup will only look as good as the prepared skin underneath; this includes cleansing and moisturising with your skincare that suits your skin type.

Prime: it is very important that you allow your primer to settle into your skin. Unlike a liquid foundation, mineral foundations need a dry surface for perfect application; otherwise it will appear patchy and uneven.

Apply foundation: a little goes a long way so start with a small amount. Shake a little powder into the lid, take your brush and swirl into the powder, tapping off the excess.

Blend: evenly over the face starting from the middle and blending outward toward the jaw line using short, gentle sweeping strokes.

Tip: if you think you have buffed enough, you haven’t, keep buffing! buffing infuses the powder with the skins natural oils, warming it into a creamy consistency, so it melts beautifully onto the skin.

P.s Oh and one last thing…we are all guilty of sleeping in our makeup every now and then right, but If you happen to accidently fall asleep wearing mineral makeup, you can do so guilt free!

Explore Origani’s premium Mineral Lover complexion line and stunning pure mineral pigments for eyes and cheeks. Enjoy up to 12 hours of effortless wear-time. Beautiful skin awaits.

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Origani is an Australian luxury organic skincare brand. We proudly formulate and produce cruelty-free, certified organic, vegan skincare and makeup.

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