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Lockdown, Take 2! Self Care with your 5 Senses

Lockdown, Take 2! Self Care with your 5 Senses
Do you remember back in the day when we were looking for excuses to stay at home, snuggled up watching Netflix and eating chocolate? We know we’re guilty of taking that for granted!

At Origani, we encourage taking time out for yourself - undertaking a self-care routine is important for your mental health, not to mention your skin and body.
That’s why we have taken the time to slow down a bit, bring ourselves back to basics, and enjoy a bit of self-care with our five senses.

Origani Lockdown, Take 2! Self Care with your 5 Senses

#1 See

You might be lucky enough to live in the countryside with a big backyard and plenty of surrounding greenery, or you might be stuck in a concrete jungle. Either way, it is important to let your eyes bathe in beauty.

Immerse yourself in something positive, preferably away from the screens. We recommend flicking through old photographs of loved ones and beloved places. Perhaps now is the time to sort out that photo album you have been meaning to?
And don’t forget, look at the sky and appreciate Mother Nature. When you can (if regulations allow), feel the ground beneath your feet, and appreciate the blue above. Fresh air is indispensable.

#2 Smell

Origani Lockdown, Take 2! Self Care with your 5 Senses
Did you know that our emotions are largely generated by what we smell? Smell is such a primal sense, it has the power to transport your mind back in time.
With the ability to lift our spirits, soothe us and shift our mental state, it is no wonder candles and oil-diffusing have been a comforting trend of late! You might slide into the DMs of your favourite day-spa and ask them what their signature scent is, or order a few online to find a new favourite!
Alternatively, couple the sense of smell with a warm bath by adding in a few drops of your favourite essential oils. Don’t have a bath? You needn’t miss out. Simply place a few drops of essential oil into the base of your shower cubicle, the steam will send the aroma into the air and you’ll soon be transported to a state of calm - only a couple of drops is needed, we don’t want you to slip!
We recommend also using our Body Exfoliating Salt Scrub Summer Lychee for aromatic benefits, and as an added bonus - your skin will be supple, smooth and rejuvenated!

#3 Taste

Origani Lockdown, Take 2! Self Care with your 5 Senses
Self-care at home sometimes means eating that cookie batter before you even bake it. Having said that, wholesome, homemade, micronutrient-packed food is going to keep you feeling your best. Our team at Origani can attest to the uplifting pursuits of cooking and baking during lockdown.

We recommend playing with your porridges by trying plant milks and adding nuts and seeds to your tastes. Add in some fresh berries to make it Instagram worthy! Make your morning meal into a routine, and make every breakfast a positive start for your body and mind.

#4 Hear

Lockdown is a strange time, it’s both noisy and silent. The news can overcrowd our head, and if you live alone, the silence might be taking over. It’s important to adapt to your own situation. Daily practice of silence, whether through daily tasks or meditation will help provide a state of stillness.

And when you just want to get out of your own head, put on some positive tunes and have a personal party! Make and share playlists with your friends, and practice those moves for when you can get back out and hit the dance floor. Dancing has the added benefit of making you sweat - a bonus for your skin!

#5 Touch

This is a time for self-nurture and care. A daily self-massage, or if you’re lucky enough to have a partner around, a back rub, can go a long way. Pick up a massage oil (or sesame oil) for a warming, hydrating massage that will soak your body and skin in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. You can add a few drops of lavender oil to turn the relaxation up a notch.
Never forget the value of a weekly facial massage. Use a cleanser (try our Erda Daily Glow Toning Cleanser) to begin melting away the stress, oil, and grime, followed by a gentle exfoliator to prep your skin for the main event: your face mask. And don’t worry! Not those blue disposable ones!
During lockdown, opt for a creamy face mask rich in hydrating extracts, try our Erda Pigmentation Correction Green Apply Clay Mask. Most masks should be left to dry on your face for about the length of an episode of your favourite Netflix sitcom, so sit back, relax, and feel the impurities being drawn from your pores.
Follow with a facial massage which will assist with lymphatic drainage, leaving your skin feeling taut and smooth. Use your hands and slowly knead your skin upwards from your chin to your cheekbones to ease away tension. Finish with a hydrating product such as our Dermassure Clear & Calm Flaxy Serum to give yourself that healthy glow.
It’s no easy feat being in lockdown, but by slowing down, appreciating what’s around us and practicing basic self-care, we will get through this in a more calm and balanced way.
Stay strong and mentally healthy xx

Origani is an Australian luxury organic skincare brand. We proudly formulate and produce cruelty-free, certified organic, vegan skincare and makeup. Sustainable Luxury Without Compromise.

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