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Our Story

Origani was founded in August 2008 in Melbourne, Australia. Spawn from a desire to address a growing need for safe, ethically and environmentally- responsible cosmetics, Origani set out to develop a luxury collection of Certified Organic, Vegan and Naturally-Derived Beauty Care that would surpass the traditional performance benchmarks of natural cosmetics.

Origani creates products to help our customers achieve their skin’s aesthetic and well-being aspirations. With cutting-edge, high performance ingredient technologies and transformative products, Origani is proven to deliver validated and superior results. Origani continually searches the globe for the most rare and high-performing natural ingredients to address the ever-changing beauty needs of our customers.

Today Origani is available in nearly 100 locations around the globe throughout Asia, Europe, New Zealand and Australia. Our beautiful boutiques capture our brand’s essence to deliver transformative and memorable customer experiences. The Consultation is at the core of the Origani experience. Our staff focus on delivering educated, proficient and caring customer service experiences, all with the mission to demonstrate transformative results and to empower our customers in their journey towards achieving and maintaining optimum skin health.

While beauty is our passion, the environment receives our primary respect. Origani is deeply committed to a vision of delivering the finest cosmetic products that will be manufactured, packaged and promoted with the least carbon footprint. We are not there yet…but we will be. This is our leading strategy.

Our vision is not alone. At the heart of Origani is an Inner Circle – a growing community of like-minded people that share in our vision, values, and mission.

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