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COVID-19...A Must-read Message from Origani

COVID-19...A Must-read Message from Origani

There is illness. There are unknowns. Nobody could have foreseen the impact of this virus. But what we do know is that we are all in this together.

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When we stroll down memory lane, through the darkest of times when our planet was so very challenged, it was always the strength of unity and connectedness of humanity that still stand to encourage the spirit of today.

Origani is a brand of connection. We may be made on Australian soil but we are connected to so many others in every part of the world. What holds our spirit together is the simple comfort of the grater decency of humanity and the reality that we are all in this together. We are all but just one.

Being connected far exceeds physical nearness. We are facing social distancing like never before. It’s in the power of unity even if, at this time, we can’t hold hands or hug one another.

We look to the balconies of Italy and sing with them from a million miles away. We look to the extraordinary efforts of our exhausted health care workers and that unknown person who fills another’s trolley by emptying their own.

You see, we are living in a moment of time whereby our differences are overshadowed by our connectedness.

At present, each of us are all being faced with new ways of living our lives. New ways to express love and instil hope and courage. New ways to stay healthy. New ways to practice patience and empathy. New ways of reaching out to our loved ones.

We are learning and adjusting to life in our own ways but it’s a ride that every single one of us is taking.

We are moving more into our homes than ever before. A blessing indeed – to get through this time in a place where the heart resides. Cherish the time to re-learn true togetherness.

Cherish this time to quieten the mind from outside hustle. Slow down. Let the sunlight in. Sit in your garden. Nourish your body with what Mother Nature provided for us. Read a book on human triumph. Keep active by dancing in your lounge room.

Make your house a home.

When you do venture out briefly for essentials, support local business, and keep your eyes to the vulnerable.

Let us take these days to learn of a better way of living this life. By ‘doing’ we are inevitably burning this message into the generations that precede us.

Remember, we are living through a moment in time that will change us forever.

Take the time on social media to read one less fear-inflated media story and share these words instead. We all need to hear them. Take comfort that we are dancing through this storm together.

Gifts often come wrapped in painful disguises. Connectedness. That’s the gift.

This time WILL pass and we WILL be left a better society.

Love to the world. We got this!

The Origani Team. XX

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