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A Reflection On The Year That Was… Ours

A Reflection On The Year That Was… Ours

We have always been obsessed with making the very best Australian-made Organic, Luxury skin formulations.

This year more than ever though, we got equally obsessed with making your whole beauty experience an incredible one. This made 2019 an invaluable learning Journey for Origani.

We opened up the channels of communication with you (and our ears) for your feedback, both constructive and positive in nature. We continued delivering what you love and ate some necessary humble pie where we needed to, and with that, decided to make some more positive changes.

That’s the beauty of working here: No egos or other barriers to impede us, and no room for excuses. Just a workplace with a roaring passion for natural beauty, and a place brimming with the energy to spur this beautiful brand to the next level.

So, what did you tell us and what did we do about it? Let’s take a look.


Innovative New Products

Our customers were crying out for an Organic Brightening range that would be super safe yet very effective in combating pigmentation. Our Complexion Perfection Dark Spot Correction Concentrate pen, in fact, is so effective; it works just like a chemical- grade peel, only using organic ingredients!

We also launched the much anticipated Immortajell Instant Wrinkle & Puffiness Remover. You wanted something that would remove these skin concerns very quickly. We got it down to a minute. The word spread quickly and it turns out, we needed to get onto making extra batches...quickly!


We have successfully opened over 30 locations globally year to date, with more to come by the end of the year!


You would have noticed a HUGE transformation to our online presence. Almost all areas of online were improved and new NEW platforms emerged to make engaging with us so much more insightful.

Origani Website

Our stunning new website interface now provides an easy-to-navigate, interactive shopping experience with comprehensive product knowledge and much more.

Beauty blog & Social Media Presence

Updated weekly with lots of refreshing Health and Beauty topics explored, we established an incredible beauty portal for you: a go-to-place with accurate and in-depth information relating to all things beauty. Additionally, our social media posts have been designed to educate you on everything from ingredients to fun beauty tips and healthy skin habits to adopt.

On-line competitions/collaborations

You wanted to get involved in our brand and we couldn’t think of anything better. Oh, and even better, the prizes and products given away have been incredible! We did all of this in two ways:

  1. #MyOriganiCreation: A very cool collaboration with R&D and our customers to create the next Origani organic hero skincare product (aka Blue Goo). What fun we have all had and keep following us to see the end result!
  2. #OriganiMonthyGift: Participating in our social media posts with fun quizzes and interactions has seen so many of you win amazing prizes! Keep following us for more exciting things to come.


On-line packaging and delivery-order times

You told us that the packaging used for our online orders was wasteful and not-eco friendly. We acted to rectify this and implemented new biodegradable packaging with water dissolvable filling and recycled paper. Also, we are in the process of making changes to improve our on-line order processing time, so you get our amazing products in your hands sooner!


Support team

While we are on an ever-continuous journey to improve our customer service, our latest step forward was to hire an expert team to help navigate any questions and queries you may have as quickly and as accurately as possible.


You asked for it so we implemented Afterpay! A process whereby you can enjoy your Origani product immediately and pay it off in convenient instalments.

So, as you can see, it’s been a year to bloom at Origani. What’s even more exciting that it is driving great memento going into 2020. Catch us next week to hear all about our plans for next year. It’s going to be a big one!

Let the butterfly that symbolises a beautiful transformation be our guiding light.

Lots of love,

The Origani Team


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