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All You Need To Know About Vitamin A

All You Need To Know About Vitamin A

Retinol, Retinoic Acid, Retinyl Palmitate… there are so many forms of Vitamin A – it can get a little confusing. But one thing is for sure - Vitamin A has been significantly tested and proved over and over again to improve the appearance, function and overall health of the skin.

There is no doubt, it’s effectiveness on the skin is well documented! The best part? Vitamin A is that ingredient which improves almost all skin conditions.

Why? Because the skin loves Vitamin A – it responds very well to it. It also has the capacity to work directly on the lower layers of the skin to improve the appearance of the complexion, particularly, the visible signs of ageing.

Let’s learn more about this superhero vitamin...

Origani Vitamin A

What is Vitamin A?

Vitamin A is a group of nutritional compounds (essential micronutrients).

Even though Vitamin A is essential for the many healthy functions of our bodies (eyes, reproduction, cellular growth and bone health to name a few), we do not actually make it on our own. This means, that we generally need to source it through our diet and topically by way of plant extracts.

To keep it simple, let’s break down Vitamin A into its two main forms: Retinoids (from plants) and Cartinonoids (from foods). The skin responds best to retinoids, as it particularly targets tissues in the body, and remember, the skin is the largest human tissue! Bring on a skin revival!

How does Vitamin A work on the skin?

There are 2 methods of applying topical Vitamin A: by prescription and by the use of off-the-shelf skincare products.

Years ago, Vitamin A was a lot more intense and harsh in its topical preparations and available by script only.

Of recent though, cosmetic chemists have been successful in creating off-the-shelf formulations that are just as effective yet gentler and suitable for almost all skins, sans the side effects (redness, flakiness, etc.).

Historically, Vitamin A was used to treat sun damage and Acne. Recent dermatology research has also revealed that this super vitamin also has the ability to:

Stimulate fibroblasts to create more collagen and elastin
Increase cell production and growth
Reenergise skin circulation
Smooth the texture of the skin
Fade dark spots and even out skin tone

    Who should use Vitamin A?

    As we now know, Vitamin A is the number 1 ingredient to fight sun damage. The following is a list of single skin conditions that would also benefit from using a topical Vitamin A infused treatment:

    Pigmented and uneven skin tones
    Fine lines and wrinkles
    Rough patches and uneven skin texture
    Congested and blemish-prone skin (with acne scarring)

      The 5 amazing results of using Vitamin A:

      The effects of using AHA’s are numerous and almost immediate:

      1. Resurfacing and smoothing (skin texture and flakiness)
      2. Cellular renewing
      3. Circulation boosting & brightening
      4. Even skin-toning
      5. Firming

        So, to summarise, Vitamin A leaves the skin looking and feeling firmer, more radiant and even in skin tone and makes the complexion incredibly smooth and soft. Nothing works topically on skin cells as much as vitamin A does!

        In terms of how often you should use vitamin A, it really all depends on its strength. Vitamin A is generally safe for use in everyday skincare products but it is important to use Vitamin A infused products just as the packaging directs you to. Also, as Vitamin A works on the deeper layers of the skin, be sure to wear a daily sunscreen! Please note that this is an ingredient to omit from your skincare routine when you are pregnant.

        Lastly, it’s also important to maintain a diet rich in Vitamin A – in the form of beta carotene. Simply look out for all of those yummy fresh orange and green coloured leafy veggies (it is the carotenoids in the veggies that give them their wonderful colour).

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