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The face is generally the main focus of our skincare regime. Most beauty advice focusses on anti-ageing and ways to prevent accelerated ageing on the face.

In fact, 99% of skincare products on the shelves target just the face. But the question is, are there other parts of the body that can age a lot faster making us look older than we actually are? The short answer is YES. The areas that we often ignore are in fact the tell-tale signs of advanced ageing…

Origani The 3 Areas Of The Body That Make You Look Older Than You Actually Are

This blog will explore those very areas and give you some helpful and interesting tips to make sure you have these delicate areas of the body taken care of! 


Premature ageing: A quick overview

Premature ageing is defined as showing more advanced signs of ageing that are caused by internal and external factors outside of the ways in which the body would naturally age. Sun damage and unhealthy lifestyle practices are two of the biggest culprits. Having signs of drier than usual skin with visible wrinkles alongside colour and texture changes in your 30’s are good indications that this is occurring. 


While much of this damage is self-inflicted, one of the most unfair blows is that some amount of premature ageing is on the cards for women due to those dreaded hormonal ebbs and flows we suffer. If PMS was not enough…Grhh!  


The ‘usual suspects’ of premature ageing.  

When we first become aware of the ageing process and preventative skincare, generally the first areas we focus on are our eyes and our foreheads. It makes sense.


EYES: The eyes are the first thing people connect with, revealing much about us. They are subjected to continuous repeated facial movements and expressions and are surrounded by the thinnest skin on the body. The result? More pronounced wrinkles (crow’s feet), dark circles and under-eye bags.    


FOREHEAD: The forehead is the second place we usually like to pay attention to. Those horizontal lines that run across it and those vertical ones between the brows can also be put down to repeated facial expressions and a lack of fat in the area. So, if you are one of those people that gets a serious face when concentrating, you will know what “frownies” are all about!


We are pretty well acquainted with the fact that these areas of the face will always need a little extra TLC. Let’s now look at the areas of the body that age the fastest that we often do NOT pay as much attention to, the ones that sneakily creep up on you!



Continuously exposed to the environment, frequently used and washed, there is lots of stress put on our hands! Especially in Covid-times, the unbelievable amount of handwashing and sanitising we do will no doubt be drying them out and making them more vulnerable to ageing.  


Why can our hands age quickly? Sun damage from direct daily environmental exposure, dehydration from washing and chemicals and constant friction makes the skin on our hands fragile, parched and discoloured, with volume loss making the veins on the back of our hand look more pronounced.


Tips & Solutions: Using a good nourishing soap to wash your hands and always applying hand cream after washing is a good start.  Also, popping on some sunscreen on your hands when out and about (and when driving) is a good idea. Lastly, exfoliate your hands more and give yourself an at-home manicure once a fortnight!  





Otherwise known as the décolletage, the chest is another area of the body we often neglect. We generally assume that the chest is covered by clothes but it is actually far more exposed than we think it is. This also means that we forget to extend our sunscreen and skincare products to the area too.       


Why can our chest age quickly? This skin on the chest is incredible fragile, fine and delicate and often directly exposed to the harsh effects of the environment like UV Damage. Broken blood vessels, sunspots, pigmentation and crepey dry skin can all result from this damage while a decrease in muscle support can make the skin droop. Additionally, the skin on the chest is very sensitive skin so capillaries and redness is often more pronounced. Lastly, when damage extends down the breast area, “clinkles” J (cleavage wrinkles) can form, making the chest look more mature than it may actually be.  


Tips & Solutions: The first and best option is protection – using a good protective barrier sunscreen in the area every day. A cream specifically made for the décolletage is always a good idea as the formula is often lighter in weight and designed specifically for fragile thin areas. Oh, and the way we sleep can help – I’m not saying to adopt the sleeping practices of a Geisha, but try not to sleep on your side so much as this can deepen those clinkles! Or, you can try the good old sock in the sports bra trick!





We have all heard of the dreaded Turkey wobble gobble neck. What is even more common is the appearance of an aged neck with a smooth and toned face which is a sure-fire sign for revealing one’s age. The neck is also a very fragile area of the body that we often under-treat for the same reasons we neglect the chest.  


Why can our neck age quickly? Once again, we can thank the fact that the neck is composed of extremely thin skin and susceptible to the pull of gravity. Skin laxity also comes from cumulative sun exposure and general neglect of the area. Genetics can play its part whereby an excess of fat accumulates around the neck area: this is where you see those prominent neck bands. When it comes to sun spots and pigmentation, perfume may well be a culprit: its alcohol content dries out the skin making it more fragile and easier to burn. There is even evidence that points to the effects of mobile phones (radiation emission) causing the skin on the neck to sag. It’s called ‘tech neck’ but that is a whole other topic!  


Tips & Solutions: Again, protection is always key. Other ways to keep your neck youthful looking is to use a specially formulated treatment for the neck. A good neck cream is formulated specifically for this area as it is lighter in texture and molecular weight so as not to weigh down the skin.  Also, it is worth bring your serum down to the neck to0 for extra hydration and antioxidant protection. Beautiful natural makeup can defer from uneven skin tone and spraying perfume on your clothes as opposed to the skin will also help!





For most of us, our beauty goals are to look and feel our best in the here and now and to age gracefully and as best as we can into the future. To tick both of these boxes, we need to focus on two key things:

  1. Preventive measures of premature ageing (sunscreen and skincare use, healthy lifestyle habits, etc.)
  2. Bringing our anti-ageing regime and practices a little further down the body!  

Love, the Origani team xx


Origani is an Australian luxury organic skincare brand. We proudly formulate and produce cruelty-free, certified organic, vegan skincare and makeup. Sustainable Luxury Without Compromise.



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